• About us

    We see people as key assets to business success. Human Capital is crucial to an organization’s growth. Strategies and goals are nothing but words if people are not going to take action. Results come only from individuals equipped with the right skills and attitude, and do the right activities at the right time. We helped many clients to go beyond their current potential to achieve their goals.

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  • Corporate Learning

    It is important to attract the right talent into the organization, but it is even more important to engage, develop and retain them. We provide comprehensive activity-based learning, coaching, facilitating, consulting and speaking solutions and services for businesses to get organized, attract more customers, grow sales, better collaboration and save massive amounts of time through productivity and innovation.

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  • Personal Solutions

    We help working professionals from across all industries in creating meaningful and fulfilling careers, aligning to their skills, talent, competencies, knowledge, passion, interest, values and purpose. Our suite of career management coaching programs includes one-to-one coaching, group coaching, webinars and online programs that will bring them closer to their desired goals and objectives.

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  • Resume Review

    The program will completely transform your plain resume into a professional, attractive resume that dazzles the interviewer and leads to job offers. With expert advice, your resume will attract more interviews and land you the dream job.

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  • Career Coaching

      Our partnering is about getting new perspective, ideas, strategies and making a positive change in your career journey. If it becomes clear that your career is going nowhere and you should not stay any longer in the company, I am going to tell you.

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  • What Clients Say

    Ngee Key is a good listener, an important ingredient for a coach. He asked powerful key questions and pointed me to the right direction, enabling me to crystalize my goals both in personal and professional life. His soothing demeanor and sharp insights on people equip him with a natural talent as a career management coach.

    Novita JongSenior Sales (SEM) Google

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