ABC’s of Career Management

Your career is more than just “a job” and a means to earn a salary. Considering the fact that, on average, more than 50% of your waking hours are dedicated to your employment, managing your career correctly should be a priority task.

If you take time to analyze your career, you will realize that there is a basic ABC of points to focus on:

–       Advance my career (Career Advancement)

–       Bolster my spirits (Personal Satisfaction)

–       Challenge me professionally (Professional Challenge)

Career Advancement

Is your current position the “end of the line” or can you move on to higher levels? Studies have shown that the inner knowledge of additional opportunities, based on personal and professional performance, is a driving force that bolsters an individual’s performance.  Aristotle wrote, “In the arena of human life, the honors and rewards fall to those who show their good qualities in action.” If the current organization do not have much career advancement or learning opportunities, you may want to consider alternative employment where you can continue to grow and contribute.

Personal Satisfaction

If you are just passing the time to get to the end of the day, neither you nor the employer will benefit. You will soon discover that you lack the energy to begin your day. Or you may find yourself dragging to office everyday. Lack of personal satisfaction can have an negative impact on your performance and your enthusiasm. It will also affect those around you as your attitude and character begins to take a beating. It is so important to have the right kind of satisfaction and fulfillment in whatever you do. Regardless of the type of job, you should be able to derive pleasure from your day. For example, if you enjoy interacting with people, a position that keeps you glued to a computer terminal for 8 hours is not suitable. It will be better off for you to explore sales, marketing or other people facing roles that will enable you to achieve the interaction you want.

Professional Challenge

Once your job ceases to become challenging, you will become bored. Mental stimulation is an important part of our working day. If you perform your duties by routine, you will soon begin to dislike the job. Having new challenges and responsibilities will encourage you to be excited and wanting to achieve the set goals. It is oftentimes that there are people who do not want to have challenges in their career. They just want to stick by their daily responsibilities each and every day. And those who are afraid of changes since they are in a comfortable zone. Their mentality is why fix it if it’s not broken. Eventually, you need to ask yourself what kind of life do you want to achieve. Do you want a boring job or an exciting one. The choice is yours to decide.

So take a close look at yourself. If you want to have a more exciting, meaningful and purposeful career, you need to make some changes to achieve your desired goals and objectives. Changes need not to have big sacrifices or compromises. With proper planning and execution, the effort is definitely worthwhile to pursue.

Discussing your options with a professional career coach and strategist may be of your best interest to pursue a career that you love, meaningful and purposeful to your life direction.

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