Art of Getting Hired

In today’s tough economy, a single job opening can have hundreds of applicants. Giving yourself the best chance to get hired means more than just turning in a nice resume, you have to present yourself to the employer as someone who can make a great addition to their team.

Doing a little research and being the best-prepared means that you are giving yourself the best chance for getting hired. By taking a little bit of time and doing a small amount of planning, you can increase your odds of being hired.

The first step in the process is getting your work experience, skills, talents and interests on your resume and writing a good, short cover letter. While having both the cover letter and your resume in order does not necessarily increase your chances of getting a job, it does prevent you from having your application dismissed because your resume was written poorly, had grammatical errors or emphasized the wrong aspects of your career instead of the talents, skills and experience that applied to the job you are pursuing. You should have several versions of your resume that emphasize a particular experience, skill or talent that you then take to the right employer.

Also, be sure that all of your important Internet activity is in order as well. More than ever, employers will do a search on the Internet when they are doing a background check on a potential candidate. In their search, they will probably see your social network accounts and any other relevant information, such as your online resume if you used a job search site. If there might be something that an employer might misunderstand about your personal social network sites. Then you should keep them private so no search can reveal their content.

The next step is perhaps the most important, once your cover letter and resume have been sent in and you have been scheduled an interview, show up on time. It cannot be emphasized enough that by not showing up on time, you pretty much have eliminated your chances of being hired. Be sure to leave in plenty of time and if for some really good reason you cannot make it to the interview, call and have it rescheduled if you can. Employers take a dim view of someone who cannot even show up an interview as it reflects on your ability to show up for the job itself.

As for the interview itself, be sure to dress appropriately and be neat and tidy in your appearance. A construction site job does not require wearing a suit and tie, nor does an office job expect jeans and a t-shirt, so keep the dress appropriate to what you are applying for. In the interview, answer all the questions as best you can and keep your answers on point. If you don’t know the answer, say so. Honesty can be a big plus in this situation. It tells your employer that you are not afraid of learning.

Finally, have a few questions for your employer as well, which will include salary obviously, but also anything else that is of importance to you.

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