Getting stuck in your career affects all ages.

Getting stuck in your career affects all ages. My youngest coaching client is 24 years old and she has this challenge for the past two years upon graduation. She joined this company because of salary and social status (her peers are in this industry). But after working for two years, she began to feel the drain and morale is diminishing. After all, this is not the kind of job she wants.

We sat down and kick start the coaching session using the 3A’s. Agenda, Awareness and Action Plan. The agenda is very important so that she will get what she want to achieve in that one hour coaching session. Once objective is clear, we move to Awareness. Besides knowing herself deeper, we also brainstorm possibilities, ideas and solutions to move her closer to her career goals. Once we identify the possible solutions and goals (SMART Goal), we create a ACTION PLAN to follow through.

Nothing is going to move if no action is taken. And more importantly, she must have the full accountability of her action. As her coach and accountability partner, my role is to follow up and check the progress. If there is any obstacles preventing her from moving forward, we will tackle and overcome it. After 1.5 months of discipline action and effort, she managed to find a job that she is interested and has been progressing well in her career plans. To played a part in someone’s career success is a meaningful and purposeful thing in my life journey.

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