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Job Search Mastery Program


This systematic approach has helped hundreds of professionals, managers and executives to find purposeful and fulfilling careers. When you love what you do, your life will never be the same again.

The “Job Search Mastery Program” is a comprehensive step-by-step program to empower you to take control of the entire job search process and find you job you love and excel. Using proven tactics and strategies, you will get the job you love and no longer passively relying on job ads, company career websites and recruiters/headhunters.
This program will include deep provoking self-coaching questions, ready to use email scripts, word by word conversation starters, intelligent questions to connect with experts to gather smart information. It is designed to change how you look at your job search in a non-conventional way. 


What are some of the possible current job search scenarios? Does it sounds familiar to you?

“I have many years of experience, degree holder and can accept a job that pays well. But after a few months of sending resumes to job ads and headhunters, I just had one interview with a company that of no interest to me. I was wondering whether the economy in Thailand is in trouble now. – Bangkok Times

“In the last two months, I have sent out 500 resumes to all the job openings I can find on the Internet. All I got is an automated email reply thanking me for showing interest to join the company and they will get back soon. But what I want is an interview? Don’t they seriously consider my credential and experience?” AsiaOne


“I am a recent MBA graduate and have started looking for a job for the last 5 months. I have search classified job ads every morning and has applied for about 85 job postings, and have not received one reply – not even a comment or update. I really appreciate your help. Could you please have a look at my cover letter and resume and tell me what is your opinion? What else do I need to send to the HR department – South China Morning Post

What’s the outcome?

They continue to use the traditional approaches in their job search process. They feel they have done a lot of “productive work” like sending hundreds of resumes, contacting the recruiters or headhunters, and apply through job boards”.

And some of them accept the fact that for those who have found good jobs are lucky. And to those who have been told that they should send out their resumes to every job opening. And when it didn’t work, they decided to think it’s a bad job market out there and continue to figure it out what has happened to them.

As you can see, there is a difference of relying external sources and luck to get the job you love and to really take full control of your job search process, from the start to the end. Through my “Find Your Purpose Driven Career” program, you will have a systematic approach to unlock the hidden job market and find your ideal job.

When I started my career coaching and job search consulting practice more than six years ago, many of my clients shared their job search challenges and insights. Through their stories, I have decided to create a system to help them. Instead of giving them jobs which what recruiters do, I will teach them how to find the job of their dreams.


There are a lot of free advice on the Internet. So why should I bother to invest in your program? While you can try to google search your answers for career advice or job search and see what are the results.


Perhaps you will get tips like: Make sure your resume is only two pages long and has a lot of keywords in it. Or get into social media such as LinkedIn and create an account. You must find your passion. 10 tips to survive your next networking event, top 10 employers to work for. 
You will find tons of advice and articles throughout the results, but you will rarely find the most important part in a job search process, and that is the right mindset that must be adopted in your job search process.
What it means that if you are not able to deconstruct the mental barriers within you, the strategies you have will be useless. It’s like you are building a great wall within your frame of mind. Unless you deconstruct the wall, or you won’t be able to execute the goals in finding your ideal job.

And this is why I have created the “Find Your Purpose Driven Career” program. I’m offering this special program to people who are committed to find fulfilling jobs. It’s going to be an amazing journey for those who take up the challenge. Just imagine when you wake up each morning, you’ll be happy heading to work, even all the Mondays

Why Change?

  • You might be bored and wanted to have a new challenge
  • You know you wanted something better than your current job
  • You have been working in this organization for many years and can’t see any prospect of further advancement
  • Your role has been changed and you no longer enjoying what you do
  • You feel that you have short-changed
  • You deserve better compensation and benefits
  • You foresee mergers and acquisitions that will result in layoffs, uncertainty creeps in
  • You are tired of the unnecessary politics and unpleasant environment
  • You want to try another new industry and new role
  • You have a lousy boss and unfriendly colleagues that create unhappiness in the workplace


The Current Scenario

  • You have send out 80 resumes to all the job vacancies you can find on job portals, companies websites, job ads, or even LinkedIn company pages openings etc…
  • You make sure that you have deposited your resume in all the job portals and resume banks you can find
  • You have visited all the career fairs, expos, associations, alumni to seek out for job opportunities
  • You have contacted and send your resumes to all the recruiters, headhunters or executive search firms you can find on planet earth
  • You have asked all your friends, relatives, family members, former colleagues, ex-bosses, suppliers, contractors and even your customers to look out for you if they have any suitable job opportunities
  • You have messaged all your LinkedIn connections, Facebook friends, Google Hangouts, Twitter Followers and other social media channels you can heard of from Techcrunch.
  • You searched through the LinkedIn groups and send unsolicited invitations to add random strangers, send them resumes, and hoping that they will help you to look out for any suitable jobs
  • You have approached all the career consultants, coaches, counsellors, trainers, experts and speakers to ask for advice, preferable free of charge
  • You have send out unsolicited job applications to companies regardless if there are any job openings. And in your letter, you will put “Dear Sir/Mdm, Dear Hiring Manager or To Whom it may concern” – And the heading “Exploring job opportunities with your firm”
  • And lastly, you will check your email and mobile phone frequently if there is any invitation for interview or missed calls

What you can do about it

  • You can either continue to stay in this manner or you can choose to stand out from the crowd and achieve your desired job.
  • The success in your career happens when you bring in the right people into your inner circle.
  • Outsiders will have a different perspective and have the ability to see things objectively in a way you are no longer capable of seeing it.
  • What your life on the road ahead is what action you are going to take now.
  • And once that happen, it will transform your mind with ideas, strategies and insights that would not be visible within you.
  • If you want to have a better quality life, then the extra effort you are putting in will be worthwhile.

Yes, you need someone to achieve success. We all do.

  • There are many ways you can achieve your career success.
  • Either you can talk to your boss, find a mentor or engage a professional for help.
  • The most important is you must be ready, willing to be helped and open to changes that will get you to the desired results.

I can be that someone to provide you with unconventional insights, ideas, strategies and even conversation and email scripts that will get you nearer to your desired goal, the dream job.


What others say?


It is my pleasure to know Ngee Key and was motivated and coached by him. He has good knowledge in business and life with the mind of understanding and optimism. If you are confused with your career path, or you don’t know what is the best for you, how to overcome the pessimistic feeling, his advice and motivation will show you the way. For me, he is a good career coach with lots of useful advice, a good listener whom I can share all of my concerns. All that I know is: Whenever I need help or advice, he is the one! With all the ideas and plans he shared with me, I believe that he can be successful soon.
Tammy Tran, Project and Communication Manager, Prudential Vietnam Insurance


Ngee Key is a good listener, an important ingredient for a career coach. He asked key questions and pointed me to the right direction, enabling me to crystalize my goals both in personal and professional life. His soothing demeanor and sharp insights on people equip him with a natural talent as a career coach and strategist.
Novita Jong, Country Industry Lead, Twitter Indonesia


I appreciated your help with the coaching and strategy session. It helps me to realize what are those objectives of my career, the current status and the aim moving forward. I found it really helpful especially your tip to get useful information and identify opportunities via informal and casual meetings. Thank you very much and hope there will be more and more people getting your help.
Truong Son, Regional General Manager, Novaland Investment Joint Stock Company, Vietnam. Ltd.


Ngee Key shared with me on the importance of Open Communication in a workplace. For the past, I am so used to be silent & reserved in whatever difficult situation that I am facing. He actually gave me the confidence to approach my boss for a dialogue session and to be focus on the positivity of the conversation. During the Career Coaching session, Ngee Key once again highlighted to me some of the key points I should stay focus so that, I can stretch out for a new role in a new organization. Ngee Key has in a way enlighten the people around you with your loving to help and share! Keep going yah! –
Katherine Goh, DCA Architects


It’s really hard to come across a fellow career management professional who is so passionate in helping individuals to remain relevant and employed in any economic climate. His powerful questioning applied in his coaching session will get his clients to answer their own questions by making them think and drawing out the answer from them. Ngee Key is just one of the exceptional few career management professionals that I am proud to recommend for excellence career coaching service.
Terence Chiew, Employability Skills Trainer, Peet Asia Pte Ltd.


He is always there to support and provide wise advices which give me the opportunity to continuously learn and grow. A person earns respect and trust, Ngee Key is the one indeed. Thanks!
Stella Zhang Ning, Founder and General Director, EECY, Mexico


Ngee Key is a very professional and creative career coach in giving out advice. He enlightened me with some of his insightful career thoughts. He is reliable and always ready to help.
Liu Jingwei, Regional Marketing Manager, Digital Globe, Asia Pacific


Ngee Key has given me some sessions of career coaching which were very useful and out-of-the-box. I am sure he will get success in this new business with his proactive and creative contribution.
Kim Vo, Head of Business Development, DAIKO Advertising Inc


It was a compact coaching session with Ngee Key and a very useful one. I received the right role model giving me clear visualization of how a real coaching should be!! I can’t thank you enough for this sweet experience! Beside your good coaching examples, your ideas were SPOT ON! You made me think, you made me see, and you got me awake. I now know what to do, how to narrow down my list of options, to prepare myself towards my dream career or to open up my insights more to new opportunity given right in front of me. It was tough consideration but now everything’s been simplified. Great session!
Beatrix Joyo, Program Manager, Convergys, Malaysia


Dream Career Mastery Program (Coaching + Strategy + Resources)


You can use the same job search and career development knowledge and experience that I use to move many of my clients who faced challenging career decisions you face now and moved them to better, meaningful and fulfilling situations. And this has led me been interviewed and featured in print, online media and radio, including Singapore Straits Times, Business Times, Asiaone, Today, NS Man, Her World, Singapore Business Review, LinkedIn Asia Pacific and 938 Live Radio.


Purpose Driven Career Program

Our partnering is about getting new perspective, ideas, strategies and making a positive change in your career journey.
If it becomes clear that your career is going nowhere and you should not stay any longer in the company, I am going to tell you. And then share how to re-look at your goals so that it is aligning with your passion, purpose, talent, skills and values. For some, I may also guide you to uncover what got you into this company is no longer what’s keeping you there. If there is a need to make some major changes in getting out of your comfort zone, we need to make sure it happened.
And if you are just thinking about which industry to get into but you are not sure if’s is a good decision, I will help you figure out whether to move forward and if you do, what changes you might need to make before focusing all your efforts on it.


Career Coaching + Strategy + Resources Packages

Job Search Mastery Program


Eight personal 60 minutes one-on-one coaching sessions with Ngee Key (Singaporeans can choose face to face or Phone/Skype sessions. Overseas clients can use Skype, WeChat, Line or any other mobile apps)

1st Module: Discover the Unconventional Roadmap in getting your dream job

• Opening yourself to limitless opportunities by changing your career perception
• Unlock the secret code of the hidden job market
• Know what to focus and avoid unproductive activities that got you stuck
• Differentiate the major differences between passive and proactive approach in your job search
• Overcome psychological barriers that prevent you from your next step
• Uncover the 8 step system know-how to get the job you love and enjoy
• How to incorporate positivity throughout the job search process
• Understand your USP and how you can differentiate with the rest

2nd Module: Discover your favourite role

• Identifying key components of an ideal job
• A simple method to gain clarity of what you want in your role
• The right strategy to focus what matters
• How to avoid the most common mistake made in your job search
• How to validate roles that are suitable for you
• Ability to maximize the right resources to achieve disproportionate results

3rd Module: Position your Target Market through research

• The importance of having a target market that will speed up the selection
• Identify your target industry and types of companies you wish to join
• Using the “Prospect Funnel” to bring you lots of consistent opportunities, enable you to select the best ones to pursue
• Understand how to use the 80/20 rule to tap into the hidden job market
• Using LinkedIn powerful research tools to know the inside out of companies that you are targeting

4th Module: Engage and Develop Your Connections through Natural Networking

• How to obtain intelligent information on targeted industries, companies and issues and gain the competitive edge over the rest
• The simple strategy to connect, build and maintain strong relationship with experts and supporters of dream job search
• Mastering the art of natural networking
• Ready crafted SMART scripts and emails to get you engage with the right people
• The strategy in asking intelligent questions
• The secret formulae to land higher response rates

5th Module: Power Up Your Personal Branding Materials

• The secrets of writing powerful resumes and cover letters that most people do not even notice it
• The secret formula to complement your resume
• The mistakes what others made and how to avoid them
• Discover how to sell and position yourself to create a powerful impact
• Real resumes and cover letters that got noticed by hiring managers fast

6th Module: Connecting to hiring managers

• Understand the key players and their respective roles
• Why connecting with decision makers make a big difference in your job application
• Master the art of reaching out to key decision makers
• How you can differentiate yourself using the leverage system
• The little discovery on how to stay on top of your game by speaking the hirer’s language
• Key mistakes to avoid when connecting with them

7th Module: The Art of Winning in Interviewing

• What needs to be done before the interview process
• What hiring managers are really looking for
• Master the art of responding to interview questions using a three step system
• The secret to do well in interviews
• Handling the different types of interviews
• How to create the right chemistry and build sustainable rapport with the interviewer so that you stand out from the competition
• How to end the interview with a high note
• What are the right questions to ask so as to demonstrate that you are serious about being part of their team

8th Module: Negotiate your worth

• Why is it important to negotiate your worth
• Avoid the common mistake other candidates make
• Powerful tips to have a successful negotiation
• Intelligent answers to the most demanding negotiation questions
• Understand the negotiation process that includes the range and proposing counteroffer
• How to deal with offers from other companies strategically
• What should you look out for in a total compensation package that includes the non-cash component
• How to close the deal with a win-win agreement between you and the employer
• Sample offer of employment letter



Add to Cart

Or 5 monthly payments of $497

What is included in this package?


Awesome Support from me to address all your questions and concerns over the coaching sessions. You will also be equipped with strategies, know how, email and conversational scripts, intelligent insights that will get you ready in getting your dream job.

This program isn’t for everyone?


After coaching hundreds of working professionals in regards to their career, I am quite selective in terms of my clients to be in this program.
My view is that I rather work with a small group of committed, open minded and determine to change their career path for the better than a big group who is not going to change anything or take any action.
This Job Search Mastery Program is not for you if:
• You are looking at a quick fix system to find that dream job without putting hard work and effort in getting it. In other words, this is not a magic system that you plug in and then out comes your dream job.
• You are a junior executive earning 2K a month and expect to earn 12K a month after the coaching sessions.
• You are jobless for a long time (Unless you have a lot of savings in your bank account)
• You have a lot of credit card debt (Your focus should be to clear off your debt. You will not be allowed into this program without clearing your debt. If I find out that you have joined in this program and have credit card debt, I will ban you from all my programs
• And the last thing is that I spent so much effort, time and money to develop this coaching program. So I am not interested to open this program to everyone, just to those who are committed to make a positive change in their life by getting their dream job and excel in it.

Who’s this program is for…


• For those who want to make a change in their life so as to live more fulfill and meaningful
• For those who want to challenge themselves to get a better job they love and enjoy
• For those who want to make a lifelong investment in themselves not only in financial aspects, but other important aspects in life.
• For those who are ready to take action to do something out of their comfort zone (Meeting experts and arrange for coffee meetings, reaching out to hiring managers directly, practice interview with your friends or in front of the mirror). I will support you with my materials such as case studies and scripts. This will enable you to have full confidence in achieving your goal.

You can also opt for the Laser Focus Session


This is an option if you have a list of specific questions in regards to your career development, plans or ideas, or just want to speak about your fears and concerns, a laser focus session is for you. We will go through as many questions as we can in 75 minutes, and leave you with a clear sense of what to do next.

Sign up for this session below

Investment for one session (75mins): $400

Our engagement process


The whole session is conversational and consultative. We may get to know a bit more with each other on our first call so as to build the trust and comfortability. This is important if you want to get the best out of our session together. What you take away is specific strategies, ideas, action steps, priorities, plans and resources and a renewed sense of purpose to act.
And, by the way…things I will not on this call – waste your time talking about my life, food or the weather or give you anything less than my full attention. Neither of us have time for that diversion, especially when it’s on your time.
We will start to list down your agenda, uncovering yourself through deep questioning and conversations, and brainstorming of options and ideas. Then we move into creating a strategic plan and take action.
If you got specific questions or challenges, we will laser focus on them. The conversation will focus in on your greatest challenges and opportunities.
Topics often include everything from knowing your career direction to all the way in advancing your career. Some of the popular topics I have talked about with my clients are:
• Clarifying your career objective and purpose, identifying roles in targeted companies
• Working through fear and anxiety that accompany a major change in current employment
• Planning and prioritizing your job search process so you can stop feeling overwhelmed and start building your personal branding
• Sorting through different options and choosing the best that makes the most sense for you at this point of your life
• Defining career strategy and specific marketing tactics to advance your career in the organization
• Identifying specific resources to help you get your job search project launched quicker and more efficiently (I have a lot of amazing web contacts and connections and will be most glad to share it with you).
• Defining the characteristics of the hiring managers/mentors that you need to have around you to succeed on your own, and making a plan to hook up with them.
• Defining specific ways you can tap into the hidden job market with creative strategies and ideas.
• And much more…

Questions and Answers on our Coaching Sessions…


Will you help me figure out my career?

Depends. My passion is working with ready, open and willing to change individuals.
If you are feeling depressed, negative and unwilling to change, then probably I’m not the kind of person you want to engage. My role is to help you move from where you are to where you want to be. I like action, clarity and results, so should you!

Can I send you anything to look at in advance?

Yes. Once you book your session, I will email a set of Career Questions and a request for information and links that I will review before our time together. I’ll also ask you to define your desired outcome for the call, so I know where to focus in advance.

Do you have any specialties?

I have worked for small startups to multinational companies. I spent most of my professional experience in the areas of sales, marketing, training and human resource consulting. My personal strength is job search strategy, career transitioning, career development, networking, personal branding and social media marketing.

Besides Coaching and Strategy Sessions, what else do you offer?

I provide keynote speeches, workshops and training programs. Feel free to ask about that when you complete the form below.

Can we meet in person?

Singaporeans can opt to choose the face-to-face session. But primarily, I work by phone or Skype. Makes it easier for everyone.

What if I miss the call?

If you simply don’t show up for the call or cancel within 24 hours of the call start time, there are no refunds. This is a professional obligation. Treat it like a pro and keep it.

Getting started


The fee for Coaching and Strategy package must paid in advance via Paypal or Credit Card before program commences.

Refund Policy


I am committed to your complete satisfaction with my coaching and strategy packages and services. If for any reason you are not entirely satisfied with my program, a 100% money back guarantee is open after completion of the first coaching session. All you have to do is ask and your money will be refunded, no questions asked. (By the way, that’s never happened). Your refund will be issued within one week to your credit card.
I look forward to work with you soon.
Ngee Key
Director of Talent and Career Strategy
Coaching . Consulting . Training
Springboard Talent
Career Coaching Academy, United States