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The interview process is the most important discussion between you and the hiring manager in regards to a job opening opportunity. One of the common mistakes made by the interviewee is that they remain passive throughout the session and only correspond on the questions asked by the interviewer. If you want to be a successful candidate, you have to be active and better prepared than the interviewers themselves.


You need to get your core message across to the hiring manager, regardless of that person’s skills as an interviewer. This is not difficult to do as you can predict with a great deal of accuracy many of the questions you will be asked. You can prepare questions on the information you want to collect for your future interviewers too. Today’s hiring professionals are commonly trained in what is called behavior based interviewing. A behavioral interview is a process, which a job applicant is asked to demonstrate his or her knowledge, skills, and abilities, also known as competencies. The interviewee must talk about specific work experiences when he or she demonstrated these competencies.


The purpose of a behavioral interview is to allow the interviewer to determine whether he or she has the competencies and skills to perform a particular job in real work situations and environment.  Interviews are the most crucial part of the hiring process. Poor performance can drive away good job offers while coming to one very much prepared can change your life. The interview is the peak of all of your good planning and thorough preparation. It is also a process over which you can have a fair amount of control as long as you have a strategy. That strategy needs to include being prepared, knowing what to expect, eliciting needs, presenting competencies and handling questions.


The interview is your chance to market yourself by emphasizing your skills, experiences, qualifications and what you can do for the company. It is also your chance to get the information you require to decide if this is the right position and organization for your career’s journey. 


Springboard Talent has crafted a special package to get you ready to power through the interviews and get the ideal job you have always wanted.



  • Interviewing Package

    Get our exclusive 48-pages career e-guide, “Interviewing Smart: Insider Secrets to the Job!” Loaded with interviewing questions, answers and insider strategies for what your interviewer REALLY wants to know about you.

    Get a 30mins interview coaching session to learn what the interviewer REALLY wants to close the interview and the “right” way to answer tough questions like “Tell us about your weaknesses,” and behavioral interviewing questions.


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