Resume Advisory Program

Transform your resume into a powerful tool to attract interviews.

Are you ready to take control of your life, find a career that not only supports you and your family, but also fulfills you?




So why did I create this review program?

You have 6 seconds, just 6 seconds to get your message through. The company you always wanted to work with would have a hiring manager who will have only those 6 seconds to see your resume and decide if they want to see you or chuck your resume away. Can you for a moment ever think that 6 seconds are going to be enough to convince that you are shortlisted for the interview? Good luck!

Would your present resume get you the job you are looking for?

All of us have gone through that terrible feeling of waking up every morning to get the latest updates from the company you always wanted to work with. We have all applied to companies we love with resumes that would surely go to the top of their wish list and then we take countless hours of our time in waiting for a response that will never come. One often wonders whether they got the letter and the resume in the first place. Many of us have been disappointed.

What are you not told by the hiring managers?

I am going to expand on how you can go ahead and make a resume that is a force to be reckoned with. But before we even get to that, I’ll tell you my experiences on being on both sides of the coin, as a candidate, as well as a hiring manager.

Hiring managers won’t tell you this one little thing, and that is known as time. You have only an average of an average of 6 to 10 seconds to get your message through.
So your voluminous resume, with your achievements, discoveries, medals, honors and what not, they all must be prominently reflected within those 10 seconds that will either make or mar your chances.

To give you an accurate idea on the same, you as a person and your entire overabundance of personalities and achievements will be determined by a single piece of paper that is known as the resume. It will be the most important parameter on which the company will gauge you out.


Many people rely on their resume to make get their dream job

The tension behind the creation of the resume makes sense. In trying to be as accurate as possible, we try to bring as much professionalism into our resume as is humanly possible. Many times our resume turns out to be anything but us, and that’s where we err so much. Nothing could be more wrong than this.

“The point of no return”, according to me, is the repeated method of sending out the resume to all the companies we can find, and that resume is usually poor in every aspect there can be. The point of no return does the double carnage of wasting your time and also lowering your hopes further and further.

This Resume Review Program will enable you to learn the importance of positioning yourself in the market and adopting a personal voice to reach the interviewer. You will get a thorough review from a Certified Career Coach and all the constructive feedback will be highlighted to make your resume a powerful interview magnet. This program will take you on the career that you aspire to be on.






Make the Decision to Do Your Best

You may send out hundreds of resumes to many companies, expecting a response, but few take a look at your resume and find what they are looking for and decide to call you. You can keep making excuses for your failure to land a job – saying the economy, the lack of opportunities or even the shortsightedness of the HR department. But ultimately, you have to face facts that maybe you haven’t presented your qualifications in a manner that demands attention.

The special program will completely transform your plain resume into a professional, attractive resume that dazzles the interviewer and leads to job offers. With expert advice, your resume will attract more interviews and land you the dream job.

Resume Advisory Program

I need my resume to be review, update and enhance

  1. 40 pages Step by step strategies to craft your powerful resume
  2. Resume cover letter templates and sample
  3. One time in-depth resume review with feedback from certified career management coach


How to apply

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2. Send a copy of your resume (in MS Word format) to us at

3. We will review your resume in depth.

4. Receive feedback and suggested revisions via email within 3 working days. (Monday to Friday. Off on Saturday and Sunday). 

A confirmation email with instructions will be sent to you after payment is made. Please contact if mail is not received.