What’s in it for me (WITFM)?

Does this term sound familiar to you? Guess most of them have come across this term.

When we are searching for a job, some of them will have this mindset of What’s in it for me? What do I get in this job? What kind of salary will I be getting? What is the career path or prospects in this job? What are the benefits I can get in this job? What is the role and responsibility for this role? Would I be traveling on this job? Is it business class or economy class if the flight journey is more than 8 hours? How many days or leave per year? Does this include medical insurance or dental allowance? What is the car allowance?

So as you can see, there is a lot about What’s in it for me… what about the company’s point of view?

A lot of candidates failed to recognize that it is even more important what you can do for the company. What kind of value can you contribute to the growth of the company? What are your track records or results you have achieved that will able to help the company to further its growth? What kind of ideas can you bring to the company to increase sales? What kind of savings can you help the company to achieve as a purchaser? What are the efficient methods of distribution can you help to implement to make the company’s productivity goes up?

In order to be successful in your job search, you have to start asking yourself what you can contribute and help the company’s growth instead of asking what the company can provide to you. If the CEO or your immediate potential boss can visualize the kind of value and benefits you can bring to the organization, you will of course be offered the opportunity with the right and fair compensation.

So instead of focusing WITFM, switch it to WITFT (What’s in it for them?)

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