About Us

A warm welcome to my website.

I’m Ngee Key, founder of Springboard Talent. I’ll teach you the unconventional strategies to get your desired job.

Get ready to act to achieve what you should be deserving.

Our three key elements to help you find your ideal job is:

Get clarity

2. Get Branded

3. Get connection

Using proven tactics and strategies, you will get the job you love and no longer passively relying on job ads, career websites, and recruiters.

I always believe that any person with a little bit of talent, a little bit of passion, a little bit of courage, some drive, and some perseverance could achieve whatever he or she could dream of. There is nothing impossible, only I'm possible.

More about Springboard Talent

Ngee Key is the founder of Springboard Talent. He coaches professionals to take charge of their own career roadmap, serves their unique goals and strengths not just now, but in their lifetime.

His speciality is identifying and building key habits, systems, and instincts for confidence decision making. His articles have been published on JobsCentral, Singapore Press Holdings, Her World Managazine, The Army Career Transition Magazine, and more.

Ngee Key has provided keynote speeches for Singapore Press Holdings, JobsCentral (A Career Builder Company), Singapore Institute of Management, Talent Vietnam Management Conference, MBA Students from Cambridge University and National Economics University, Hanoi, Vietnam.

He has conducted training and facilitation to professionals, managers and senior executives to Keppel Corporation, ST Marine, Sembawang Shipyard, PUB, HDB, LTA, NETS, SGH, SPF, Pan Malaysian, Comfort Delgro, National Health Group, Total Oil Asia Pacific, Bauer Technologies, Raffles Girls School, Prudential, Micron Semiconductor, Dorma, PMG Asia, EZ Link, Gucci, Furama Hotels and many more.

His diverse experiences in firms, the technology industry, learning and development, human resources consulting, Startup, can help you strongly articulate and clarify your career goals, optimal lifestyle, and your power as an individual.

This is accomplished through an online program experience, through workshoops, and through career advisory and coaching offerings. 

Ngee Key lives in Singapore with her mom. He loves to explore new places, good, and passionate about photography.

Shorter Bio

Ngee Key provides strategy and skills to help you to take charge of your career roadmap. He is the founder of Springboard Talent, a sough after speaker, and the author of Unlock Your True Potential. ask him about it. Learn more about him at ngeekey@springboardtalent.com

Affliations and Disclosures

Ngee Key is the founder of Springboard Talent.

Ngee Key answers his own emails and operates all his social media presence accounts.

Ngee Key promotes and sells various 3rd party products and services via affilate marketing links. These changes frequently. Presume that most links here have an affiliate relationship attached, but also understand that if Ngee Key promotes it, he uses and believes in the product.

If you have any questions about Ngee Key sells or promotes or any other potential affilates, please conact Ngee Key via his contact form.

Personal Note

Biographies are kind of strange. About Pages.and all that stuff. You basically must groom yourself up and act all important and make sure people know why you’re worth it. I’m approachable and nice guy. So never hesitate to introduce yourself to me when you see me out, okay? I’m really nice, it’s a promise.

Do take note: I still think this About Us page is like a blog. If you have any recommendation on how to turn this into a proper “About us” page, I warmely welcome your suggestions. Don’t be shy, just shoot me a message and I promise you I will reply at the soonest time  🙂