You need to take charge of your job search

It’s important to spend time on the right activities from the very start.


You can still send hundreds of resumes to job portals, recruiters or connections and wait for good news. But you can’t just do that alone if you really want to find a job that aligns with your interest, skills and values.

Some may say “Oh yes, I believe that networking is important. But I have no time to do it. I just need a job. Perhaps I just blast out my message to hundreds of my LinkedIn connections, asking them to look out for me if they have opportunities.”

You need to take charge of your job search

And then, what’s next for you? Sit back and wait for good news? How successful have you been? Well, perhaps you may be lucky to get some calls or even a job interview. Or even the luckiest one who managed to secure a job.

But if you don’t spend time and effort to craft up your own job search plan, what makes you think that your connections will help you.

Don’t make others do the work for you, they are not on your payroll list.


You need to take charge of your job search by first identifying what kind of role you want, types of companies you desire to join, what culture you are able to thrive, and what you can offer.


The way to know it is to test the market and obtain feedback through Informational Interviewing.

In the process of Informational Interviewing, it is different from a job interview.

In this process, you don’t ask for a job. Instead, you have prepared a Job Search Planning that stated all the homework you have done, and what are the questions you want to ask.


In this way, the whole conversation is about knowing the role or industry you want to get into, and what it takes to get that particular role.

This will allow the whole conversation to be natural and casual.


Always remember that networking is not just getting what you want, but also offer what you can add value to the opposite party.


You may think that you have nothing to offer. But everyone is unique in their own ways. So there is always something you can offer as a value.

It can be a relevant article, new tools, or website that may help the other person.


Job Search is all about connecting and humanize the relationship.

Don’t make it a one-way benefit, it will not serve you well in the long term.



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