What is a resume?

It is one of your major communication tools in your job search process.


It presents an overview of what you have done in the past and suggest what you want to and can contribute to a potential employer in the future.

So what is a resume?
What can resume do for you?

A sales brochure

In actual fact, you are the product your resume is selling. It is your point of sale.
From how it looks like to the first word you’ve written, you are already advertising yourself.
So make sure that you are maximizing the potential of your resume for all it’s worth.

Remember that the main purpose of a resume is to market you to your target market. 

A contact card

Think of your resume as a teaser and point of contact. It should not reveal everything about you.
To a certain extent, it is a short summary of what you have done in the past and proposes what you can do in the future. It should be concise preferably not more than two pages and easy to read. As this is a true representation of you, make sure you create a powerful impression: direct, effective, professional.

An advertisement

Before you meet with your potential employer, your resume should speak volumes about what you can do. It should be your ticket to finally landing that interview. It should entice and persuade the hiring manager to pick you out of the other resumes in a pile and place you on a waiting list of potential hires.

A Reminder

Upon completion of the interview, your impression remains. Your resume should maintain that personal impression and assist the interviewer to remember you. Make sure there is consistency between what you say and what is reflected in the resume. Highlight what you have achieved and areas of expertise.

A way to initiate the interview

The way you craft your resume can help to guide the interviewer’s attention to specific achievements and relevant experiences. Make sure these are easily visible so as to increase the chances of getting an interview.


Customize your resume according to the job

Of course how you present and market yourself is very important.

So some of them will think that by blasting hundreds of resumes to many opening jobs, they believe they can be lucky to score an interview.


But always remember on the other side of the table.

And every time when an employer posts a job opening, they will receive hundreds or even thousands of resumes. So it is very important that your resume is not one of those mass send without customizing for the position you are applying for.

As someone who was on the hiring end for a good while, it’s true that the candidates who stood out had laser-like focus in their resume.

They knew what they wanted, and they could tell me why there was the perfect person for the job. It made all the other applicants seemed vague and desperate.


So what is a resume? 


It is a powerful tool only when you take the effort in creating it.

And on top of that, only those who make sure that their resume is targeted and specific can actually stand out dramatically quicker than other people.


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